We’re Talkin’ Nature

Some days we roast up to 30 batches of Parks coffee.

And each batch contains 100 pounds of green beans.

That’s a lot of beans, friends!

Literally millions of beans pass through our roaster each year, and yet every single one is special, the product of a unique and complicated set of factors that span the globe.  In the next few weeks we’d like to take a closer look at what goes into the growing of a single coffee bean.

We’re talkin’ soil and climate and cultivation.  We’re talkin’ NATURE, people, in all its wonder and might!  Before the harvesting and the shipping and the manufacturing; before the roasting and the packaging and the brewing; before that first necessary sip on each bleary-eyed morning:  there is the dirt, the seed, and the sun.  There is the rain!

And because we are thankful for all of it, we are going to take some time to study it here in our blog.

Next week on behind the bean:  Where the Coffee Grows