It’s Clear to See – Clean Ice is a Necessity

Professional coffee service from Parks Coffee offers great water and ice applications for your office as well!  Whether your yearning for fresh-brewed coffee or a cup of ice cold water, our team of water experts, from Parks Coffee subsidiary Guardian Water Systems, keep your water clean, clear and refreshing for all of your break room needs.

The water in your area may be rich in minerals, and buildup in equipment and water lines can seriously slow down ice or coffee production, and change the flavor of the finished product. For all Parks Coffee equipment, we install and change filters and offer scheduled maintenance/cleaning plans to keep your ice and beverage machines free of contaminants.

dirty ice maker 1
Ice machine before service/cleaning
clean ice maker 2
Ice machine after service/cleaning


According to a study run by the University of Texas, Salmonella, E. coli and Shigella bacteria (dysentery) all survived in ice cubes mixed with a cola drink, scotch and water, or 86-proof tequila! Investing in filtration and regular cleaning/sanitization by the Guardian Water Systems team can keep your employees healthy and happy.

To schedule your Guardian Water Systems cleaning, give us a call at (800) 870-8085.