Roasting Facility Building Progress


We are making fast progress on the new Parks Coffee roasting facility. After breaking ground in late March, we anxiously awaited any new development, while daily watching backhoes, bulldozers, and steam rollers dig, and move, and press the earth.

Just a few short weeks ago, the parking lots and slab were poured delineating the footprint of a future company landmark. The new lot will attach to our existing warehouse lot, expanding the capacity of our route vehicle lot and making way for a fully connected Dallas campus.

Today the crew is building and reinforcing the tilt-up panel forms for the exterior walls.The forms for each panel must be precise, incorporating any door or window openings within the space. Each form is then filled with concrete, smoothed, dried and cured before being “tilted” up to a vertical position using a crane.

We visited the site to see the progress from an aerial view, and to take a peek at what we may expect to see from the roasting building’s third-floor patio area.