LemonBerry Iced Tea

Monday, April 1, we launch our new Limited Edition PARKS & Co. TEA with a twist!7368 PSTAR-ParksFS19-EiffelPower

LemonBerry is a white tea with the flavor of sweet strawberry lemonade.  A gentle breeze, lulling you into springtime bliss.  One sip and you’ll find yourself picnicking in the park without a care in the world.

You’ll soon be seeing your routeman don the 2013 LemonBerry lake T-Shirt. We love the new design by EJPPG!

lemonberry_shirtWith this launch, we also introduce a new feature on our BIB (bag-in-box) packaging.  Gone are the days of guessing which tea is on tap, or reading it from a hastily scribbled out post-it.

box_label_parksteaWe’ve been working with our vendors to procure the perfect solution, and it seems we’ve finally found it. Each new BIB pack now comes with a removable label. When you open a PARKS & Co. TEA BIB pack, just peal the label from the box and place it directly on your dispenser. When the tea is done, remove and discard both BIB and label, and you’re ready to try another of our delicious teas.

Coming soon to the PARKS & Co. TEA line-up: Limited Edition Lemonade will launch June 1. Pucker up!