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Introducing a new line of coffees, featuring pure, 100% Arabica coffees, discerningly sourced by our team from single estates around the globe. Like a fine wine, our Select Estates coffees are crafted by our master roasters to be swirled, sipped and savored. Each Select Estate coffee embraces the goût de terroir, or “taste of the earth”, from their extraordinary origins. Brew a cup and join us as we explore the distinctive tastes from around the world.

Colombian Estates Blend

 Colombian Estates Blend, now available in single-cup and fraction pack.

Available now in single-cup and fraction pack.
Available now in single-cup and fraction pack.
Colombian coffee is known for its quality. Only beans that meet high expectations of perfection are authorized for export, with several checks along the way from the farm, to the mill, to the port, and finally to the Parks Coffee roaster. We sent our team on a trek to South America with a mission to find a farm with the most exquisite Colombian beans for our new line of Select Estates coffees. After many tastings and tests our team succeeded in their quest with two farms (or fincas) boasting beautiful beans: Finca de Los Alpes and Finca Casa Vieja. We have combined the fruits of these fincas to create Colombian Estates Blend; a coffee with brilliance and balance.

Finca los Alpes resides near the town of Ciudad Bolivar, in a very fertile region of southwest Antioquia. The farm is cradled by the Farallones mountains, which separate Antioquia from the dense Choco rainforest, creating a microclimate that is beautifully suited to growing Arabica coffees.

With annual rainfall of 130 inches, Finca de los Alpes produces lush foliage and bright, sweet coffee cherries. The finished bean from these cherries produces a full-bodied balanced brew with notes of vanilla and hazelnuts.

South of Los Alpes, in the Quindio region, you’ll find the farm of Casa Vieja. Alvarro the owner is extremely passionate about his life’s work, and believes coffee should be grown in the shade of a variety of trees and plantlife to ensure a rich mixture of fauna and micro- organisms.

This fertile volcanic soil gives a coffees from this area a unique spark, with bright notes of citrus. Much like Alvarro and his farm, this brew is lively and pleasant, with dazzling tropical characteristics.


Crowd Pleaser: A Showcase of Flavors

Close to a year ago, our team introduced a new and exciting way to highlight many of our coffee varieties in a customer’s location.  By utilizing slim packaging options, already in use with our single-serve coffee pod line, we can serve up 8-12 flavors at any time.  More choices, more flavors, more freedom.  And thus, the Crowd Pleaser was born…

To launch the new Crowd Pleaser option, our team wrote and performed a one-act play.  And “play” we did.  Yes, it’s goofy and hokey.  But it conveys a message that though we have a fun side, we are all serious about our coffee.

So now, we present to you Randy and Crowd Pleaser Man:

We have been working on a few other videos over the last few months, and cannot wait to share them with you.  Cheers!