Crafted Coffee & Artisan Blends

We have just received our shipment of the new boxes designed for our Crowd Pleaser® fraction and filterpack coffees! Over the course of the last year, we have been working to tier our coffee line-up: Crafted Coffees and Artisan Blends (our “traditional” coffees), Exotic & Single-Origin, Decaf, Flavored and Seasonal flavors.

The new tiers group our coffee blends and roasts into categories based on simple characteristics.  To really differentiate the tiers, we thought to dive in headlong and give a distinct visual personality to each.

First up, what we would consider our more standard or traditional coffee offerings, Crafted Coffees and Artisan Blends are made of coffees from many different locales. Made up of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, and Costa Rica. These coffees offer a consistent and reliable palate of flavors.

Crafted1Crafted Coffee – Our collection of Crafted Coffee is straightforward, hardworking coffee. Smooth, balanced and steeped in years of tradition. It’s what we serve in our home. This is where we got our start at Parks & Co. This is our signature.
Includes: Sunny Side Up® Breakfast Blend and Parks House Blend

Artisan1Artisan Blends – At Parks & Co. our master roasters craft each Artisan Blend by hand, using only the finest 100% Arabica coffees. We like to treat our customers to a gourmet coffeehouse experience with each cup. After all, you deserve nothing but the best.
Includes: Papa’s Prime Roast™, French Café, One Fritter Quitter®, and Lazy Luke®

Our other new tiers (Exotic & Single-Origin, Decaf, Flavored and Seasonal) will be featured in coming posts. The PARKS & Co.FFEE new box designs will be launching soon. Look for them on a break-room counter new you.

Proofs for our new coffee Fraction Pack bags have just come in! #FeelsLikeChristmas @parkscoffeecp @rparks159…

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