New Box Designs for Crowd Pleaser (Fraction/Filterpacks)

Last week we introduced the new look for our two traditional coffee lines, Crafted Coffees and Artisan Blends. Let’s get a little cozy with the rest of our new boxes, designed for our Crowd Pleaser® fraction and filterpack coffees!

Let’s start with our Exotic & Single-Origin coffees.  The term “Single-Origin” means the beans found in a particular roast come from a single location. The term can be used broadly, referring to a single country, or it can be narrowed to indicate beans which come from a single far, or coffee estate (or even a single day of harvest).  Just like with a fine wine, you can taste the terrior, the land, geology and climate, in a single-origin coffee. All Nighter hails from Guatemala and Sweet Maria’s® Colombian Supremo and Tall Dark & Colombian originate from Colombia. Molten Lava Java is from the island of Sumatra. Lei It On Me is not single-origin, but includes exotic and beloved Kona beans from Hawaii.

Exotic1Exotic & Single-Origin – With a sip of our Exotic & Single-Origin Coffees, you are transported with Parks & Co. to the volcanic islands of Sumatra or the rainforest-covered highlands of South America. These coffees are full of body, and robust, distinct flavor.
Includes: Sweet Maria’s® Colombian Supremo, All Nighter™, Tall Dark & Colombian™, Molten Lava Java™ and Let It On Me®

Our coffees are decaffeinated using the UVVW DECAF process.

Decaf1Decaf Coffees – Our decaffeinated coffees offer the same great taste and full-bodied quality, with less caffeine. Whether your tastebuds favor Mild, Medium or Dark roasts, our rich and smooth decaf options have you covered. Cheers!
Includes: Sunny Side Up® Breakfast Blend Decaf, Sweet Maria’s® Colombian Supremo Decaf, Tall Dark and Colombian™ Decaf

We flavor all of our Flavored Coffees and Seasonal offerings by hand.

Flavored1Flavored Coffees – Parks & Co. present indulgent flavors that are rich and satisfying, and completely guilt-free. Skillfully blended from only the best 100% Arabica beans, and lightly roasted to perfection.
Includes: Southern Belle Pecan®, Nutty Aunt Hazel®, Eiffel Power®, Caramanilla Cream®


Seasonal1Seasonal – Our limited edition Seasonal Coffees are crafted to honor the flavor and spirit of each season. Masterfully blended with 100% Arabica coffees from Brazil, Nicaragua and Mexico and carefully hand-flavored for a rich and inviting coffee.
Includes: French Toast, Gimme S’More™, Jamaica Me Crazy™, Pumpkin Pie, Cookie-Doodle™

Our Crafted Coffees & Aritisan Blends were featured last week. The PARKS & Co.FFEE new box designs will be launching soon. Look for them on a break-room counter new you.