Parks Coffee’s New “Crowd Pleaser” Packaging Offers Variety and Guaranteed Freshness

Office coffee service company has fresh design and thoughtful angle on fraction pack line-up.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 22, 2013 — Since its inception in 1986, Parks Coffee has consistently pushed the envelope on traditional industry practices. The office coffee and refreshments company began roasting its own coffees in 2004, and was one of the first to expand their vending offering with micro-market technology. The new Crowd Pleaser set-up is no less extraordinary. In a new 5-minute video entitled “Crowd Pleasing Coffees,” this innovative system is highlighted in real-world situations.

“Most of our competitors offer only large, bulk, 40-count cases of product. Hidden beneath the customers’ counters, these cases can take a month to be used up. That’s a whole month of drinking the same coffee, each and every day. So we had the idea to make the boxes smaller, keep the product fresher, give the box a bit of personality and bring it up to the countertop,” explains Parks Coffee Marketing Manager, Beth Seeber.

These small-footprint boxes not only add visibility to the coffees, but also give Parks Coffee customers the option to stock many kinds of coffee at once and offer their employees freedom of choice with each brew. To help the customer select the coffees that would work best in their environment, each blend and roast in the Parks Coffee arsenal is assigned to a tier or category, each made with 100% Arabica coffee.

CrowdPleaser_lineupFor straightforward, hard-working coffees, reach for the Crafted Coffee line, which includes Sunny Side Up® Breakfast Blend and Parks House Blend. The Artisan Blends line is skillfully blended by hand and includes Papa’s Prime Roast, French Café, and One Fritter Quitter®. All single-origin coffees, such as Sweet Maria’s® Colombian Supremo, All Nighter (Guatemala Antiqua), Tall, Dark & Colombian, Molten Lava Java (Sumatran), and Lei It On Me (10% Kona Blend) are found in the Exotic & Single Origin line. The Decaf line has the same great taste and full-bodied quality, with less caffeine, available in Sunny Side Up® Breakfast Blend Decaf, Sweet Maria’s® Colombian Supremo Decaf, and Tall, Dark & Colombian Decaf. All coffees in the Flavored Collection are indulgent and rich in flavor, with no added calories, and include Southern Belle Pecan®, Nutty Aunt Hazel®, Eiffel Power®, and Caramanilla Cream®. Limited edition items in the Seasonal Coffees line are crafted to honor the spirit of each season, from French Toast (winter), Gimme S’More (spring), Jamaica Me Crazy (summer), Pumpkin Pie (fall) and Cookie-Doodle (holiday).

The launch of the Crowd Pleaser set-up is well under way, and available to all new and current Parks Coffee customers. Branding Manager Clay Parks says, “Crowd Pleaser is a way that we can have fun with the coffees that we love to roast, but our hope is that we get to broaden the coffee experience in each of our accounts.”

Parks Coffee (Parks & Co / ProStar Services) is a market leader in the coffee service industry, Parks Coffee provides brand name products such as Starbucks Seattle’s Best, FLAVIA, and Keurig. The company has won such awards as National Automatic Merchandising Association’s (NAMA) Coffee Service of the Year award, and Parks Coffee Owner/President Randy Parks has been named National Coffee Service Association’s (NCSA) Operator of the Year award and the FLAVIA Outstanding Distributor Award.

Media Contact: Beth Seeber, 8008897827, bseeber(at)prostarservices(dot)com